The Insider GUC’18 Opening Ceremony

This year INSIDER has celebrated its 7th anniversary in the GUC under the theme of "THEATER"

Edited By: Areeg Wael

    INSIDER is a nationwide student-run newspaper that has branches in many universities all over Egypt. It aims to connect with students and their University life, a newspaper that runs by students for students. This year INSIDER has celebrated its 7th anniversary in the GUC. The club started recruiting new members in the 1st week of November, calling out for everyone with passion and talent.

    The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday the 14th of November, marking an innovative start to the INSIDER’18 family. In the beginning, both old and new members were introduced to an exciting ice-breaking game in front of the C1 building while waiting for the clock to tick 6:00 PM. Members were bustling around trying to familiarize themselves with more and more people in hopes of winning the “surprise”. As the event officially started, Members rushed inside to escape the cold breeze of November. Once inside the excitement lulled to give way to the entertaining hosts who were comically introducing a new segment one after the other.

     The theme for this year’s opening was “A THEATER”. The members were seated as if they were in a theater hall with the decorations and the surrounding atmosphere enforcing the theme altogether. The first “act” was a moving speech by Ahmed Sameh, the founder of Emmkan about discovering oneself and how student activities contribute to that.Then the high board was introduced with Ashrakat Hossam as the INSIDER president, Raghda Ashraf as the Editor in Chief, Amal Khaled as the marketing director and Adham El-Naggar as the Resources Director. The President and the Editor in Chief gave a stimulating speech welcoming the members to another fruitful year in INSIDER and the event continued.

The hosts were interactive and planned many activities in between the speeches as well as announcing the winners of the mini ice-breaking competition that took place prior to the event. To keep the event interesting and serve as an intermission, the GUC Music Ensemble made a spectacular performance that echoed inside the hall. The hosts kept engaging the members in some more surprises and one of them was even an origami game. Finally, there was the traditional group photo that officially announced the end of the day and the beginning of memories.

For the guest members, they had a lot to do; from socializing and getting to meet teammates with similar interests and skills to reuniting with old friends and making new ones. In the event, there were inspirational talkers, surprises and small competitions that kept the members on their toes, photographs were taken, food and drinks, a spontaneous origami session which left the audience puzzled and intrigued, and the GUC Music Ensemble which made an outstanding appearance. The opening was a great push to begin the year, A night that the C1 was filled with laughter and a promise to another exciting and productive year for the 2018 INSIDER members.