GUCians at the World Youth Forum

The World Youth Forum is a free platform that connects youth from all over the world who are determined to create a change with decision makers and influential officials.

The World Youth Forum is a free platform that connects youth from all over the world who are determined to create a change with decision makers and influential officials.

From these youth stands out Ghada Wali, a GUC graduate, an award-winning graphic designer and the youngest female speaker representing the MENA region, gave a speech at the World Youth Forum last Sunday on the 5th of November in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Her speech tackled the effective communication and how it serves as a road to any tolerant communities. She categorized communication into three: verbal, non-verbal and graphical.She mentioned that the first two are dependent on having a receiver and a sender while the latter doesn’t.

“Graphic design is the only way of communication that has been present since ages”- Ghada said giving an example of how visual communication allowed old Egyptians to link human-beings to the outside world and to use it as a powerful tool to document the history.

“Graphics doesn’t only surround us, but it can also help change lives. A message of a photo could be much more powerful than that of words.”

She said that and ended her speech by saying how she aims to use her love and knowledge for graphic design in serving Egypt in different fields of education, hygiene, sanitation campaigns, tourism, and economy. While on the international level, she aims to get people’s attention to global issues like the refugees.

She ended saying “All this goes back to the old Egyptian who knew it long ago that we are all connected, united and linked and that it is impossible for a generation that has been raised on art, literature, poems, music, and cinema to be a terrorist or a racist.”

Another GUC graduate who is also present at the forum is Nada Omar, graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology in 2013. She got her Masters in London and currently working on her Ph.D. between Paris and Berlin.

Nada has become one of the 150 participants in the Egyptian Expats Group, being selected among many according to her achievements and merits. Worth mentioning that the one responsible for the Egyptian Expats Group is also a GUC Graduate, Nesma Nafea graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology in 2013, and currently working in the ministry of immigration and Egyptian expatriates affairs.

“I believe that the World Youth forum is a great networking opportunity to connect with Egyptian expats and youth from all over the world. The forum is a great proof that Egyptian youth can organize an international event with high standards.” Nada added.

She also mentioned that yesterday’s session with the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El Sisi about the cultural dimension of the globalization and its impact on youth’s cultural identity was organized in such a way that puts discussion into a more time-fair dialogue, with multiple rounds of questions, which she described as a very beneficial way in interactive communication.

As for the fund of the forum and if it is a priority to spend that sum of money on it now in Egypt, Nada told us that the funding sources are mainly from sponsors, businessmen, investors, international organizations and neighboring countries. Which doesn’t cost the country a lot but rather works on promoting tourism and branding Egypt to the world.

Finally, speaking of the event and the GUCians taking part there, we should mention the presence of more than 30 GUC students who are currently ushering there.