“Entity” all about shaping the future entrepreneurial cities in Egypt

A multidisciplinary competition between architecture, applied arts and management.

Edited By: Raghda Ashraf

“Entity”, a design and marketing competition that was hosted by ZDS Architects for students of architecture, management and applied arts. Registration started in April and 10 teams were able to join.

The competition was about designing a city in Egypt, along with its business plan in 3 different phases, each should end with a presentation that fulfills certain requirements specified by ZDS.

In the first phase, teams had to select the suitable location for their city taking into consideration how it is going to function, the overall environment and who is the targeted group that would benefit from it the most. The second phase was about going into more details with the conceptual ideas of the first phase, which was done by creating the business plan to be implemented. For the third and final phase, it was mainly focused on the architectural design.

The competition was held at the GUC and ZDS Architects headquarters in Heliopolis. ZDS provided the contestants with workshops and sessions, by guest speakers from the business and architectural domains to feed them with the required information and to deliver the right feedback.One of them was Jamal Badran, the founder and Principal Architect of badran design studio in Amman who came all the way from Jordan just to give the contestants the second workshop.

The workshops were held weekly in the first phase, then it varied throughout the competition. The final presentation took place on the 17th of October at the GUC, attended by a number of juries, business developers, and architecture teaching assistants from different universities.

Only 5 teams out of the 10 made it to the end. They presented their work in front of the juries, whom one of them was Khaled El-Zeki, the founder and the CEO of ZDS Architects.

The 1st and 2nd team were offered internships and a financial reward of 10,000 EGP and 5,000 EGP respectively by ZDS Architects, while the 3rd team was only offered internships.