The Insider GUC’s Weekly Recommendations #1

As the midterms came to an end, you need to have a break. Here is some interesting stuff you will definitely enjoy.

Edited by: Salma Gamal


As the midterms came to an end, you need to have a break. Here is some interesting stuff you will definitely enjoy.


  • 1984 Novel

George Orwell’s dystopian novel which simulates the political and social aspects about Orwell’s near future and our recent past which is still relevant today. The novel tackles how the media’s advanced technology control people and how does the “Big Brother” of Oceania manipulate the beliefs and ideas of each and every citizen. Moreover, Orwell explains “The big lie theory” and how can the government persuade the citizens that 2+2 may ever equal 5.


  • House MD

Dr.House, a genius diagnostician who works on the unexplainable medical cases that every other doctor fail to diagnose. Dr.House is a lonely painkiller-addict, who acts as if he doesn’t care about anybody and how they feel, he’s afraid of his own loneliness, but this fear turned out to be the reason why he alienates people. Dr.Remy“Thirteen” Hadley described his life once before saying:“You spend your whole life looking for answers because you think the next answer will solve all your problems: make you a little less miserable, because when you run out of questions you don’t just run out of answers, you run out hope.” Furthermore, House MD is the medical version of “Sherlock Holmes” and because House MD is an eight seasons series you can have a closer look into his character. And remember! “Everybody lies..”


  • Duolingo

As the german language courses may be an obstacle for you as a student, Duolingo is a website and a mobile application that helps you to learn any language easily and for free. The application teaches you the language in an advanced way.  Not only through the written words, The instructors of Duolingo spells each and every word you read and the application gives you the chance to record your pronunciation of words and check whether if it’s right or if you still need to listen how the instructors pronounce it one more time.


  • Curiosity

Have you ever felt curious about what is going on around? What is going on in your body? or How life is going to be like in 5 years from now? That is all normal in a world full of mysteries, and every day brand new things come up to show us that there are way more to discover. Curiosity is here to satisfy your passion and desire for lifetime learning, it is an application that you can download on your Android or iOS device. Every day it brings you new 5 pieces of amazing topics in different fields: Computer science, Psychology, Physics, Arts, and more about life from all aspects. Aside from the stunning interface, it hit almost 5 stars, with over 30,000 reviews and 1 Million downloads on Play Store. Now hurry up and try it yourself, and as the company says – Get Smarter -, but if you already are, just begin your discovery.



A 60 seconds meditation tool to help you clear your mind, a website that once you open, nice music plays, and a sky full of stars in the background appears. It asks you to type down your stressful thought in the big Star in the middle, and then you sit down to relax while staring at your stressful star gets smaller and smaller until it fades away. The idea may sound too simple, however, it is fun, relaxing, and it is worth the try.