Aura Of A Dreamer

'Passion', a word we use all the time without realising the real challenges one faces for having one. What does it cost being a passionate dreamer?

Edited by: Zeina Ehab

‘People love what other people are passionate about’. Those words hit like a strike to every dreamer out there who was mesmerized by the latest masterpiece by Damien Chazelle, that is ‘La La Land’.
Apart from the new levels of creativity and authenticity that we were exposed to by that movie, I felt that it shed a spotlight on an extremely important factor in our lives. No matter how many times it was discussed in movies, it never seemed surreal and painful at the same time like it did in ‘La La Land’. It showed us that passion could be the strongest driving force to any human being. It could leave you sleepless, drive you insane, has your mind and heart aching but through your way following it, you just discover things in yourself you never knew about. You would know who you really are outside the mundane limited choices life has been throwing at you.

It’s there, inside everyone of us, a coruscating light that grows brighter and stronger the further life drags you away from your dream. Like a wake-up call to remind you of what every single cell in you body is living for. It’s probably the one thing a man could willingly, even if his heart is tearing apart, sacrifice literally anything for. One is just ready to weather the storm no matter how hard it is, investing all that you have time, sweat and the cost with all its overwhelming consequences.
That’s what ‘La La Land’ precisely tried to convey, being a dreamer comes with its hard sacrifices.

And why do people love passionate ones? It’s a human nature, to gravitate towards anything that’s heart-felt and genuinely taking over someone’s being. The sparkle you see in the eyes of someone talking about what they are passionate about makes you unaware of what’s happening around you absorbing you to a world they defined as their own.

They are also easy to spot in the crowd of desperate employees seeking a source of living through lifeless jobs. They are more willing to take risks, face consequences, know how to get back on track when they deviate from the roadmap to their dreams, inspire others and overcome failure even if it gets them down on their knees. Most importantly, they radiate their passion. It’s like a glimmer surrounding and guiding them through long, dim alleys of responsibilities, roadblocks and disappointments. That’s what makes passion the part and parcel of a dreamer. And till then, here’s to the fools who dream.