Passion is Heaven

finding yourself

Through a journey of self-discovery, one may discover something that is valuable to share: Passion. The problem is that passion is not something one can just look for and dig a road to reach, nor is it something that one ‘can’t’ find either. 


Passion is Embedded Inside All of Us

Even more, passion is not one or two or a hundred things. It is everything…it is you.  Often times, one might find out that they have a passion towards multiple things in life. This passion that they have is important for many reasons. One of the major reasons is that a person finds the joy of freedom and without it, a person cannot keep going. Passion is something everyone must fight for no matter the odds. 


Passion is Something Built

 Amongst the most common questions that have been asked are, ‘am I happy?’, ‘What’s my purpose in life?’,  ‘What’s my passion?’ or ‘How do I know I’m ready to take the risk of going after what I believe in?’ The main task isn’t really in asking those questions, the task is that if one does  find his or her road,  then one must follow that road. Passion isn’t something that one is always born with. It takes effort to build passion. Why are you sitting here reading a paper when you can change the world with passion! One should get their feet going and start exploring new options, new roads and new beginnings with different endings! During the journey of discovering your own identity and purpose, one should build roads towards achieving passion and, in turn, this passion will pave the way to success. In the pursuit of this success, remember not to discard previous memories and interests. Instead,  add on to them with new memories of the adventures to come. 


Keep Moving Forward 

In order to keep growing and striving, fighting for discovering a passion till the last breath is critical. Life is too short to avoid the ‘battle’ and take the ‘easier’ routes. Life is also too long to shy away and not seize the moments. Finding a passion may be a difficult battle of ups and downs with some slammed doors every once in a while. However, if you don’t really  try to change and find passion for yourself, no one will find the passion for you. A human being is a leader to him or herself. This in the sense that, if one believes in a cause, then move forward; pursue what you want to pursue.


Finding Heaven

A person is lucky to find passion because it fulfills one’s purpose in life. Therefore, never lose whatever you believe in because the consequences of that are greater. Remember that you are your own person and you mustn’t follow others’ footsteps; however, a person can learn from past mistakes.  Never live inside the passions, dreams or ambitions of others because you should see yourself when you look in the mirror. When you wake up every morning, who do see you in the mirror? You or someone else? 

Finding yourself and your passion is difficult, but hold on to it once you do find it. If you do find your passion and you live it every second of your very essence then there is no better life then that heaven.