Final Exams and Temptations

Only a few days left until the last day of finals!

There are multiple challenges that face students from understanding a tough and complicated course, to trying to find a way to convince your teacher that you really did your homework but you forgot it at home. However, the one thing a student can’t run from is the temptations he/she faces during the exams week. It takes a will of fire and a desperate feeling to succeed to overcome the temptation.

Why MBC 2…Why?!

Is it really a coincidence that the new movies we all wait for are premiered during finals? This puts you in a difficult position of ‘should I or should I not’. For most of us, we end up watching the movie and studying in the advertisement segments. We can’t call it studying though. I think our parents stress that enough when they pass by the living room and see us. They then proceed to start talking about how you’re going to fail miserably and your life is suddenly turned into a sob story.

Play Time With Your Pets

For all the animal lovers and owners out there, it’s hard to avoid your cat’s cuteness or your dog’s puppy eyes asking for some playtime and attention from you. You probably assume that this play time is only for a couple of minutes but somehow ends with an hour.

Breaks/Relaxation Time

“I’m taking a five minutes break…” That’s how our two hour break starts. Admit it, there is no such thing as a five minute break. We try to convince ourselves with it, but we know it just never happens. In this ‘five minute break’, we somehow manage to eat lunch, watch an episode of a series and complain to our friends on the phone about our exams.

Hanging Out With Friends

Often times, our friends from different schools don’t have their exams at the same time as us. This puts us in an awkward situation when you’re asked to hangout with them. You are again put in a difficult situation of ‘should I or should I not?’ It mostly ends with going out with them and then you are overloaded with work.

Social Network Tour

Ding! The sound of our mobile’s notification creates an immediate reflex for us to grab our phones and start checking who sent what.This ends with the social network tour going from whats app to Facebook to Instagram to snap chat. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from going on You Tube to watch a couple of short videos.This tour takes a minimum of 15 minutes.

At the end, you realize that nothing was more important than studying for the exam and everything could’ve been postponed until after the exam. I believe all of us know that by now. Yet, we end up going through this exact cycle every time before exams.

But don’t give up, you have a will of fire inside you. You are the boss here. Don’t let the temptations overrun you!