Dr. George Marquis clarifies Folklore’s event misunderstanding

Dr. George Marquis clarifies Folklore's event misunderstanding.

A message from the Dean of Students, Dr. George Marquis, regarding the misunderstanding over the Folklore’s show:

“Dear Students,

Apparently there was a misunderstanding due to a poorly communicated message. The Folklore show is not canceled and never was canceled.

However a larger event with VIPs in attendance will be held early in the Spring. Originally we had intended to hold a public event with VIPs but at the last minute many of our guests were busy because of the Africa Forum, which is being held in Sharm El Sheikh at the same time.

Please be sure that AUC is very proud of its cultural events and is very fortunate to have a group of students dedicated to preserving the tradition of folklore.

The date of the larger Folklore event will be announced soon. In the meantime we encourage all those in our great community to attend our Folklore event next Wednesday at Bassily Hall on the new campus.

I want to thank those who alerted me to this misunderstanding, such as the Insider and the Student Union President.”

Photo Credits: MAD Camp