The Stress Cycle of an Athlete’s Life

"I don't get to have much leisure time between practice and studying," said Omar Elewa, professional swimmer.

From the very first week of the semester, we are bombarded with lots of work; not knowing how to manage our time between all the assignments, readings, quizzes and midterms on the door!

Now, how would you feel if you have to do all this work and also be in your own world of athletics? Super stressed, right? While you might think that athletes sleep everyday with an agonized conscious and the tears of regret over the amount of studying or work that they have missed.

According to student athletes’ that we’ve interviewed, there’s more than one way that helps them cope with the stress of studying and their ability to perform in academics as well as their sport of choice.

Having supportive parents is crucial so that an athlete doesn’t feel stressed about studying and participating in competitions at the same time. Many interviewees emphasized that their parents were very supportive of their practice schedule. Their parents understood their passion and helped them develop it!

“My parents never intervened with my practice schedule. Actually, they always supported me and encouraged me to attend my practices on time and never miss one. As much as they cared about my studies, they also cared about my passion for sports” said Hana Tolba, a professional Swimmer.

Also, these students are the ones who seemed a bit more relaxed about the whole studying process. One engineering student who is an athlete and a personal coach commented that he only studies 3 hours a day on average and we sure as heck know that engineering takes a lot more than that, sports or no sports!

Because of their passion, athletes don’t always prioritize studying over sports which is the reason why they don’t outperform themselves academically. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not that smart or that they’re lacking. It’s a matter of time management especially in championships season; whether it’s the nationals or the World Cup.

Students athletes feel more dedicated towards their medals and what they aim to achieve and end up putting their studying aside for the time period of the championship.

You’d think that just because these athletes play sports that it instantly relieves their stress. However, athletes who practice swimming or play soccer every day don’t usually relieve their stress by doing that same sport. Despite all the hassle and stress, those everyday superheroes, would still choose practice over anything. Even with all the stress, time cramming and studies that they have, once an athlete always an athlete! Like one of the students said, “I  adore practice. Practice is life” expressed Tolba.

While they do indeed get their chance to relieve their stress, they don’t get it as much as you’d think. “I don’t get to have much leisure time between practice and studying. So once I do, I make sure to visit my parents or my friends or walk my dog. It instantly makes me feel better” Said Omar Elewa, a professional Swimmer.