Start-up Battle by Entrepreneurs’ Society

Entrepreneurs' Society's first startup battle: Ariika's Case

Ariika and Entrepreneurs’ Society collaborated to form the first startup battle on October 21, where competitors were given a case study to solve in 24 hours.AUC’s Raneem Mohamed won first place, followed by GUC’s  Germine Mohamed in second place and finally, AUC’s Khaled el Ezaby in third place.

The co-founders of Ariika, Shahir and Hassan Arslan presented the case study problem that Ariika was facing;100,000LEworth of fabric waste each year not getting their full potential. The contestants had to find a solution to re-purpose the fabric, recycle it, and “turn waste into opportunity,” said Shahir Arslan.

The winner will have the  chance to be the CEO of the new start up and earn a minority share in it, a fixed salary and an additional 2500 LE for first place, 1500 LE for second place, and 1000 LE for third place. The competition was definitely steaming. “Some of the participants were really strong which made it a harder decision,” said Shahir Arslan

The Second place prize winner, Germine Mohamed, a fresh grad in finance and economics at the German university in Cairo said, “I have definitely gained self-confidence knowing that I could accomplish so much in so little time.”

Ahmed Hassan, a 27  year old architect who is interested in business, stated that he loved the diversity, the ability that anyone could participate in such an opportunity, and the organized event hosted by ES.

“We are looking for someone who is passionate, confident. Someone who has the top view and who can lead a team,” said Shahir Arslan. 

Sitting with the first place winner, Raneem Mohamed, an AUCian graduating senior majoring in business marketing and minoring in political science and economics.

Feeling accomplished, Raneem expressed that her confidence, marketing strategy and utilizing all the marketing tools is what made her standout the most from her opponents.She added that what really prepped her for this victory aside from her concentration is the various internships and attending competitions.

“I’m looking forward to working with Shahir and Hassan who are experts in the field,” said Raneem Mohamed. She added that she owes her success to her parents who always supported her and her friends who were by her side. Raneem Mohamed advises anyone to believe in themselves and take all the chances they can.

“I’m the kind of person who has the energy and drive to work hard and I’m excited to do my own thing,” said Raneem Mohamed.