“It’s all about the smoothness of the shot,” said Mohamed Abdel Razek

Mohamed Abdel Razek's talk on drone journalism

The drone journalism expert and 2016 AUC graduate, Mohamed Essam Abdel Razek, gave a short lecture on drone journalism in Egypt as part of the Adham Center Media Development Series, during assembly hour last Wednesday. 

With professional cinematography experience in famous Egyptian movies, such as The Cell (El Khaleya) and Horoub Edterari, Abdel Razek explained the role of drones in cinematography and the filming techniques associated with it. He also have an insight to an upcoming movie titled Top Secret (Serri Lel Ghaya) and claimed it would be, “the best Egyptian movie created.”

When asked about the certification requirements to practice this type of journalism and video production in Egypt, Abdel Razek recalls that, “It was hard to get permits. We get permits now, but after a lot of effort.”

Abdel Razek commented on the difficulty of this by saying, “We get permits from the military, from the ministry of interior and the intelligence. That is why it is very difficult to get certified in Egypt in comparison to the US or the UK.” 

The drone expert explained the difference between a drone shot, a cable camera shot, a techno-crane shot and others. He stressed on the importance of all these tools when filming and the difference in the types of shots produced.

“It’s all about the smoothness of the shot.’” said Abdel Razek.