The Journey

If you're not sure which path to choose, that's fine. Everything falls into place somehow. It's all about the journey.

Life is a journey that is full of experiences. Each one of us is the master of his or her own story. One thing I can tell you about life is that it is full of opportunities. There are some opportunities in life that are called “life-time” opportunities. These opportunities could be love opportunities, job opportunities or other forms of opportunities. 

They come once in a life time because they are rare. You have two options, either hold on to them or let go and feel guilty. Sometimes, we miss the opportunities because of uncertainty, lack of confidence in ourselves, or maybe because the person we want to share with the joy and the beauty of this opportunity with is gone. We are over thinkers by nature.

I am never sure what exactly can define a perfect opportunity. As I approach graduation, I now see that university was a great opportunity to express myself, study what I love and make a better social life. Thinking about my life after graduation, I wish to travel, to do my masters abroad, to be someone successful and make myself proud. Everyone wants this for themselves. I will work hard to get this opportunity. You should work hard for this too.

My advice for you is that, if you get a “life-time” opportunity, don’t overthink it or hesitate. Just go with it and follow your dreams.

We, as human beings, are all running towards a certain target. Our targets are definitely different, but we feel that the efforts that we are doing to reach that target are worth it. We feel that if we reached that ‘goal’, we will be proud of ourselves. We feel that we will be in a better place, so keep moving forward, don’t look back and never let anyone underestimate your target no matter what it is. If you get tired along the way, learn to rest but not to quit.