The Freshman Starter Pack: A Guide to Surviving the First-Year Landmine (Part 2)

A question that comes to your head weeks before your first day of class: Will I make any friends? How?

Part 3: CLUBS

The social life is one the star aspects of AUC. Our community is socially-conscious and accepting of everyone, regardless of your personal details. However, you can get swept away with club obligations and forget to prioritize. So, what you need to keep in mind is:

  • Join something fulfilling: What’s the point of joining a club you’re not interested in and doesn’t make you feel fulfilled? You’re adding more stress to yourself that way. Join something that you can look back on and say, “That was worth it”.
  • Learn to say no: A lot of times students get guilt tripped or pressured into joining a club for multiple reasons all leading down to the fact that they can’t say no. Just to make it clear, you’re your own boss. If you don’t want to appear rude, try to play your rejection down and explain why you’re refusing to join in a clear and polite way. Nobody’s going to attack you for it.
  • Venture out: Some of you might feel the urge to stick to the ‘familiar’ during their first year. That’s okay. However, you will miss out if you don’t consider something outside of that bubble of yours. New experiences equal new friends and new situations. That’s what helps you mature as a person. If you had your eye on joining the theater club but you’re too shy, sign up anyway. There’s no harm in that. Worst-case scenario is you dropping out of the club, but at least you’ll have taken the initiative.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself: Joining clubs is an amazing experience and an instant solution to making friends. On the other hand, balancing several different clubs with all the other aspects of your life is not a wise choice. One tip is to learn all about your role in each club and try to imagine how it fits in your life and hey, if you can fit a dozen clubs into your schedule, good for you!