Se3di Fel Gam3a El Amrekya 2?

Could this movie really happen?

Mohamed Henedy, famous Egyptian comedy actor, who made a huge success in Egyptian cinema may have just announced the possibility of a Se3di Fel Gam3a El Amrekya 2 after a tweet from Donia Hisham went viral. We asked a couple of students what they think of this potential film and here is what they said:

Some voiced their concerns on how good the second film might be.“I am happy to know that there is a possibility for a second film because the first one was good. But at the same time, I am worried that the expectations for the second part won’t meet the expectations viewers would have because Mohamed Henedy did change,” said Nada Mostafa, AUC Journalism student. 

Mohamed Zakaria, AUC Mechanical Engineering student agreed in the sense that, “I would expect the film to not be successful. Mohamed Henedy has gotten much older and some of the recent films were not so good either. I think the idea of repeating or continuing a film after 12 or 15 years… I don’t think it will be the same quality.”

However, one cannot be so fast to give an opinion because, “after all, a second version could be just as good too. We never know,” explained Zakaria. 

Some students are pretty excited at the thought of a second movie and think that, “it has to be filmed at AUC,” said Bedour Hafez, AUC Business student. However, Hafez added on to question Henedy’s role in the movie. “Would he come back as a professor? It won’t make sense as a student. I am excited for it, if it happens, but I fear it might ruin the first one,” said Hafez.

There are a couple of students who didn’t watch the first film, but with all the social media jokes it has occasionally stirred, “from what I understand is that it is a really funny and nice movie. So, a second one would be nice,”  said Nadia Khalifa, AUC Psychology student.

Seemingly, Mohamed Henedy has been having a twitter discussion on who could play potential roles and who from the cast would stay. The atmosphere around the topic is light and fun, but could this movie really happen?