No One is Born Successful and Inspiring

But, we can grow up to be successful and inspiring. By: Aya Walid Fayed

When we are born, we are born blind. We can’t see and we don’t even have a simple understanding of what is going around us. We neither recognize the faces nor the sounds. Everything is dark and blurry.

When we start to grow up, we become a little aware of what is going around us. The process continues throughout the human development. As the person grows,  things start to become clear. The truth begins to reveal and the life struggle begins. It’s at that point that people call us adults.

Being an adult is not only about being older or becoming mature. It is also about getting to discover our own unanticipated future; a future that we know nothing about and can’t escape.

The adulthood phase is the most difficult of all phases. People become hesitant in plenty of things. They don’t know what they want or who they want to become and most importantly they don’t know how. How to apply for a major?  How to get good grades?  How to have friends? How to have self satisfaction? And how someone can have a life worth living? Consequently, we start to search, talk, and think.

We try to seek help from anyone who can offer a advice;even if we end up not listening to that advice. We start searching for the ones we want to become like throughout our adulthood phase. We try to find and discover ourselves in the role models, the motivational, and the inspiring people around us. However, motivational people are normal human beings just like us.

They weren’t born successful and inspiring. They all must have suffered and lost their way repeatedly until they became well equipped. These people are great not because they knew their way, their passion, or what they want. They were great because they knew how to change the lives of others to become better. 

Motivational people are numerous. A lot of them can be reached easily through their videos on YouTube. However, not all of them are really motivational. In other words, not all of them have the ability to change someone’s perspective and provide an experience worth telling. Yet, there are a lot of succeeding people who are really great in affecting others’ life in a significant positive way.

As an illustration, Wael El Fakharany is an example of a true leader who has worked in Google for almost nine years; nine years working in a highly technological place with outstanding facilities, encouraging learning environment, highly effective people, a great salary and above all, a position which people in the world can only dream of. 

 Despite the number of privileges he had and the special position in one of the top successful organizations in the world, he decided to quit.

Yes, he decided to get out of his comfort zone. He moved from the warm area he was in for nine years and moved to a cold area. He decided that this is not what he wants. He was not happy in this deep ocean of permanent success. Therefore, he took the decision of putting the creativity and knowledge he has in a place that is thirsty for them. That place was Careem; a car booking service company located in Dubai that has become widely known in the last few years.

His interesting story is narrated by him in a Tedx video called, “The discomfort of Our Comfort Zone”. It is one of the most motivational videos I have seen before. Through this video, El Fakharany gives the strength and vision to think about one’s own life from a different perspective. There are many inspiring people like Wael El Fakharany who have the ability to inspire and affect the lives of others.

These people help us become more aware of who we are and give us the beginning of the string that answers the HOWs that keep our way always blocked. They help us to become better people.Some inspiring people, literally, have the capability to change the lives of others and let them have the best life changing experience they could ever have in their lives.