Highlights from the SU Debate Opening Speeches

Highlights of today's SU Debate with a brief commentary on each Speaker

Ahmed Amer:

From left to right; President: Ahmed Amer, Vice: Ahmed Al Shazly

You must ask for a better education

You must ask for better services

You must ask for a better AUC – because you are the most important stakeholder at this institution

It is our role. Your role.

AUCians are inspired. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Every student exemplifies a sense of intellectual curiosity and we intend to foster those curiosities

We strive for diversity, excellence, and social responsibility

Our main goal is to take risks, reach potential, serve those who were given no attention, and expand possibilities yet to be achieved.

Firstly, we understand that, as AUCians, we should constantly seek development to become the best version of ourselves. It is our duty. We also understand that a lot of students have left their rights out of ignorance not out of weakness. They have given up their rights, because they do not know any better.

Secondly, the knowledge of how important the students are to the university. I see a lot of students that need to be reminded of how important they are to this institution.

We have the power to act and take initiative. 

Lastly, the knowledge of the untold potential within every student and the possibility of igniting a genius.

Strong Points: Amer spoke eloquently with confidence giving an exceptionally inspiring and motivational speech. The speech made AUCians feel as if he was going to help them reach their full potential by emphasizing the importance of diversity, excellence, and responsibility that the entire AUC community has towards the institution.

Weak Points: Although figurative language appeals to students on a musical level; Amer could have expanded on his ideas by defining and structuring the figurative language to directly explain the desired goals and how these goals would be achieved. There should have been more literal aspects in his speech and more references to the problems we are now facing.
Ahmed Alayoty:

From left to right; President: Ahmed Alayoty ,Vice:Ahmed Gamal

Welcome to the university that called us hooligans.

I will give my speech in arabic because this is how I speak to my family.

3arfeen mawkef el gam3a eh men na7yetna?  Akaleya fa2eera BAS ely beta3mel el movement. W enohom beybawazo som3et el gam3a bsabab el 7okm.         

Contracts el 3omal ba2eit tetgaded kol sana badal kol talat senein.

El naas maba2etsh teroo7 senate meetings 3ashan shayfeen en malhomsh lazma because their vote is not binding.

Registration, tuition, declaration lessa matsala7oosh.

Quality of education mes mestahla kol el floos ely benedfa3ha.

Constitution mashya 3al talaba mesh el administration.

E7na gayeen nedafe3 3an 7o2oo2 el talaba.

Our main goals: Empowerment, communication, and services.

Strong Points: A truly confident speaker; Alayoty, got straight to the point and addressed common concerns without beating around the bush using precise, concise diction. He talked about exactly what the students are worried about and what they want solved once and for all. The choice to speak in Arabic was a brave and original decision meant to connect to the student body on a less formal level.

Weak Points:Despite how captivating the speech was,  Alayoty could have mentioned where he got his information from. He came off as slightly intense as most of his speech focused on negative aspects facing the students. 
Mohamed Gadalla:

From left to right; President: Mohamed Gadalla ,Vice: Ahmed Gazar

I am grateful that I am a part of this diverse community.

We have not yet reached the model where we build on our differences. The student body is usually stagnant.

We must believe in the power of the students if unified.

This is where the value of the union should be revealed to the community. It should unite us.

We went to build a union that is empowered by its people and their differences. A union who has the ideology of uniting different people.


To be sincere.

To support the union at all costs.        

To include visions and concerns of all other candidates too as they also discuss issues concerning  the whole AUC Community.

Our main goal is to unite the student body.

Strong Points: The theme of unity expressed in this speech is truly down-to-earth and emphasizes on an aspect that, to a large extent, is missing at AUC. Gadalla gave the students the feeling that they are the ones with power in the community, if only they stand together. Finally, his promise to keep in mind the visions and concerns of the other candidates showed decency and respect from the speaker’s part.

Weak Points: Gadalla appeared slightly nervous as the speech was in his hands for sometime. Arguably, the speech was repetitive as he oversimplifies things by tinging on the idea that unity is the key to all the problems at AUC when other aspects could have been mentioned. A little more depth can add flavor to this speech.