AUC Security in Response to Picture of Gun in Classroom: Surveillance Cameras Soon

AUC's Security Head comments on the picture of a gun in AUC classroom that surfaced

Pictures showing a gun and a gun magazine – with bullets – placed on a chair inside an AUC classroom have stirred widespread worry among AUC community, raising questions about safety on campus if a weapon like that can make it through the security inspection at the gates.

We spoke to Mr. Mohamed Ebeid, the Head of AUC Security, who expressed doubts on the picture’s authenticity and whether it was taken recently or a while ago.

However, he said they are taking the incident seriously and are in the process of a thorough investigation, promising to reveal the results transparently.

He confidently assured that the only possible way to sneak in a weapon like this would be through the internal fence, referring to a previous incident when a student threw a handbag over the fence beside Omar Mohsen’s entrance and tried to pick it up from inside the campus but the security staff caught him.

“We are aware of this gap and we are in the final process of installing surveillance cameras to cover all the internal fences,” he said.

He pointed out that the purpose of these cameras is “not to limit [the students’] freedom of expression, [but] to enhance this freedom by feeling safe inside the campus.”

Though he assured inspection is done properly, he admitted the security staff receive many complains because of the “time taken to perform the inspection accurately”.

He called upon the students, faculty and the whole of AUC community to “share with us the responsibility and to be more patient and cooperative with the security guards..” for the sake of everyone’s safety.

He stressed that AUC is “one of the most secured places in Egypt”.

He also raised questions on the motive of publishing the picture, saying that he believes the sole purpose from this “scary message” is to “spread the feeling that the campus is not safe”.

The pictures were posted on AUC Professors Facebook group yesterday’s evening by an apparently fake account, claiming they were sent to him by someone unknown. The post was taken down shortly but was reposted.

Mr. Ebeid concluded: “If this incident is real, he would be more than welcome at the security office to report it.”