Amina Khalil On Following Your Dreams (PAL AUC Event)

Got rejected by 18 schools and left a man who "could never marry an actress"

In PAL AUC event on October 24, 2016, the Grand Hotel TV series star Amina Khalil gave an inspiring speech encouraging AUCians to follow their dreams no matter how many things may stand in their way.

She begins by saying she was “lucky enough” to know what she wanted to be from a young age. She knew she wanted to be an actor since she was 3, so she studied theatre in AUC, graduated then decided to get her masters abroad.

She applied to 12 schools, and got rejected by all 12.

“.. but I wouldn’t give up, and had to fight for my dream,” she says.

The year after she applied to a different 8 schools, and got rejected by all 8.

“At this point I was very disheartened. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.”

“There was also a boy I loved very much, but he decided he could never marry an actress.”

“I left him and I cried a lot,” she recalls, “but I decided to continue fighting for my dream.”

“I thought of it all again and realized I had no reason to apply for schools abroad, I wanted to be an actress in my own country.”

She went to auditions in Egypt where the casting crew would call her “fat” and say that her nose was “ugly and needs a nose job”. She says they called it a “mon’aar” (a beak).

She developed a defense mechanism of making fun of herself “so that when they said it, it wouldn’t hurt as much”.

Amina, the girl everyone now looks up to and thinks is beautiful, went through the same hardships we all go through when dealing with self-image and trying to attain a dream.

“You have to fight for what you believe in regardless of what people say and never let [an obstacle] stop you from accomplishing what you want,” she concluded.