Class of 2020: Physics And Engineering Champions

AUC students have accomplished great things in academic competitions. Learn more about the hidden talents in our university.


Everybody knows that AUC helps create many champions. We saw many students get medals in Rio 2016, and others winning academic competitions; but let’s look a little bit closer at the Class of 2020, which entered this year with its own medals.

Mohamed El-Tohfa and Sami Mansour both won bronze medals at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) that had taken place in Zurich, Switzerland from July 11 to July 17, 2016. This competition had about 400 secondary school students from around 108 countries. When asked about his feeling after announcing his name as a winner, Al-Tofha said: “I felt pride running in my veins; I was finally reaping the fruit of success after a lot of hard work.”

I-SWEEEP or the International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project Olympiad, is the biggest and the toughest engineering fair all over the world. From the class of 2020, Mostafa El-Tobgy and Mohamed Abou-Steat won the bronze medal in the engineering category last year.  El-Tobgy said about his experience there, “It felt like being on cloud nine. Representing Egypt is just an honor, and I was happy to deal with different students from all over the world with different minds and backgrounds. I think the experience I lived over there is more rewarding than the medal itself.”

These are just a few examples of students studying on campus. Yet, no one knows anything about them. There are many students like this; slowly giving Egypt a better reputation. Shouldn’t they all be acknowledged?