Leo DiCaprio and his first “Ooscaar”

And how he almost forgot his award at an after-party!

It’s been a long, hard more than 20 years of Leonardo Di Caprio trying (and failing) at winning an Oscar, every time being robbed by other actors for his very highly acclaimed roles including losing Best Actor for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” in 1994 to Tommy Lee Jones, in 2007 for “Blood Diamond” to Forest Whitaker, in 2014 for “The Wolf of Wall Street” and many many more in the middle. Poor old Leo has become an internet joke with memes spreading all over the internet and countless jokes at his expense!

This meme has been used by countless internet users to express misery and heartbreak:



And of course, there must be one about Adele’s hit song:

And the ironic, twisted, “Inception” style meme:

But alas, on the 29th of February, Leonardo Di Caprio was the proud recipient of his first Oscar for Best Actor courtesy of his latest movie “The Revenant”. You’d think that would be the end of the internet making a joke out of his previous years of misery but the internet is a cruel, cruel place with brand new memes showing up everywhere especially due to the fact that TMZ reported that he almost forgot his award at an after party, with a few websites, like Satira Tribune, reporting even more unfortunate news: that the award was actually stolen!

Memes also make fun of him winning the award on Leap Day, meaning that he will only be able to celebrate his victory once every four years… It seems that Leonardo can’t seem to catch a break with the internet..



Even the bear from “The Revenant” is celebrating:CcW4FEFW8AAoRIs


Well, at least they’re a good match:



Good news for Leo though: Thanks to the Egyptian journalist who kept relentlessly blabbing, “What about first Ooscaar for you….for your Ooscaar…”, receiving hearty laughs from other observing reporters and subsequently the rest of the internet, he’s not the only laughing stock right now..

Video Editing By: Jayda Shaalan

These are some comments by viewers of the video which is spreading in popularity over the internet:




Shockingly, according to Youm7, Shaimaa AbdelMoneim, the reporter, was sent a bouquet of flowers for “sufficiently covering the Oscars event” by the Egyptian syndicate of reporters!

Thank God the Arab World has Khalid Mansour to attempt to regain part of our dignity that was almost completely shattered by the “first Egyptian journalist”…