Most Irritating Types of People on Facebook

The 7 most irritating types of people on Facebook.

Facebook. Most of us have it. Most of us secretly crave it, even though we don’t admit it to anyone. It may be your guilty pleasure or you may have openly declared your admiration for the addictive social media site, either way you have probably encountered these hair-pulling-out, aggravating types of people- or you are one of those types…Don’t take it too personally though; We’re just having a laugh!


  • The Aspiring Politician: Though this person probably has nothing to do with politics at all in their professional career, they constantly blunder you with posts and pictures about the political party they support, whether or not they’re with the president or any other political group or about whatever political ordeal is going on! Because of this type of people, your news feed will be constantly politically active- whether you like it or not!



  • Miss/ Mr 100 Statuses A Day: This type of person is more common than you think. We all have those friends who post a million statuses a day, more often than not about things no one else cares about- no one at all! They often post personal details that you’d rather not know… Sometimes you just want to comment on their statuses: Too Much Information!


  • Signor/ Signorita Me-and-My-Selfie: Know those people who post a million pictures of themselves throughout the day doing anything and everything? Yeah, those… Some “experts” of this same kind will experiment with different types of lightings and settings, for a more professional look- all with varying poses of course…


  • Game Addicts (Who Constantly Send You a Million Requests): No, I do not want to play Pet Society! Could you please stop sending me requests? Thank you… This type of person opens Facebook to play the very-sufficient number of games that the website offers and of course, they have to “invite” you to join in on the fun… No thank you! ( A variation of this type are Event Addicts- those who constantly invite you to join their million events).


  • Romeo/ Juliet: You know that person who’s constantly posting pictures/statuses/ lyrics videos about their husband/ wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? I bet someone just popped into your mind…Everything that their “perfect” partner does is just so so cute, right? Wrong! Maybe if it was so cute, you would be talking about it with them instead of spreading it all across our newsfeeds..Geez.


  • The Fitness Junkies: Okay, we get it… You’re a size zero and you only eat salad! You don’t have to rub it in our faces all the time… or shove your fitness tips down our throats. This type of person constantly posts fitness advice and pictures of their healthy food captioning it with ‘protein shake… yum!’… This type of person isn’t as common as the rest but they do exist- and they’re so annoying!


  • The Aristotle of Our Generation: Plato has got nothing on this type of person who constantly posts statuses/ pictures with deep, “thought-provoking” words- at least, they believe they’re deep… Sometimes, I just think they’re a whole lot of BS- but that’s just me, maybe some other people enjoy their philosophical words of wisdom (probably not).


Now that you’ve checked out the 7 most irritating types of Facebook friends, how many of these kinds of people do you have in your timeline?