Utopia Is HERE

How the 5th settlement is becoming the Utopia described in Ahmed Tawfik's book.

One day, our Rhet professor asked us for our opinion about the book Utopia. My answer was “very silly and unrealistic”. Unrealistic?! The professor was surprised “I think that this is what we are becoming” she said “It is the complete truth of our future”. Honestly, I disagreed. However, what I have been seeing every day in this university and the 5th settlement as a whole reminds me of it. This is our future. No!

This is our present. Utopia is HERE.

A car stops in front of the Pepsi entrance, the driver leaves the car. His face is wet and tired as he opens the back door for a girl. She gets out with pride looking around to make sure that she has audience. The driver enters the car to get her small bag out. As  he hands it to her, it is obvious in his eyes that he feels like he is below her. As for her, she smiles feeling superior. She moves slowly to enter the university. Now, all the driver needs to do is to get in the car, drive it to a parking area, and wait inside it for hours –under the very hot sun- until the girl decides that she wants to leave the university.

How often have you seen this scene? I bet it happens often. It is what they –those kids- are raised to be, the elite of this dead society. And the only way to prove that is to make themselves above everyone else, and say “I AM THE BEST”. A professor can’t treat you bad because you are better! How dare a security man prevent you from entering the university because you forgot your ID! How dare a security guard make you a case because you offended him or another one! How dare someone who is less of a human treat you bad! You can not be mocked! You can not be criticized! You can not be offended! You can not be punished! You can not be rejected! You can not be treated as a normal person, because simply, your father’s fortune defined you as the “elite” of this society.

Even away from the university, in the 5th settlement in general, workers come every morning in a bus (bus number 1062) that drops them in front of gate one. They spread out to where they work, have some difficulty in crossing the street due to the wealthy kids driving their cars at a high speed all over the 5th settlement. Accidents may happen and they do, the sun is very hot but they have to work to earn enough money to live. The area is dead except for the very expensive super-markets and restaurants. So, they will not eat that much or probably they will not eat anything at all, all day. In their ripped clothes and tired faces they work looking at the wealthy villas, palaces, and fancy apartments. They don’t have the right to dream of being there because the only way to get into one of these places is to serve them. The maid for example goes to these fancy homes but only to clean the house, feed the kids, wash the dishes and wash the clothes. At the end of the day they take the same bus –and you don’t know how it is like to be in that bus- back to their lower class houses.

In the book ‘Utopia’, Towfik the writer describes a settlement where the rich of Egypt live, surrounded by a high fence and secured by foreign security men. Workers and maids come every morning in a bus, work very hard and get insulted. Then at the end of the day, the same bus comes to take them back to their poor miserable lives. In that book, The rich kill the poor for fun. The rich insult the poor for fun. The rich separate themselves away from the poor. The poor do not have the right to dream. They do not have the right to work on their own. They do not have the right to live a happy life. They don’t have the right to live at all. Is this not what we are becoming?!

Take a look at what you have done today. At what you have seen this week. We are becoming this. We are living this. The rich are becoming more isolated from others. The poor are becoming more poorer. And nothing is between them. Once these people are hungry, they become in rage. They will be merciless. It’s a one-way road that we are moving in. Once we reach the end of it, there is no going back. It will be the end. It is the end. Utopia is HERE!