Fly Salma To The University

Support me achieving my dream of studying physics this year in the UK. it is one step closer!

Hi everyone, my name is Salma Ali. I am a fresh graduate from the faculty of science – Alexandria University finished a major in geophysics and a minor in geology. I have been always seeking to study pure physics, suffering a lot in applying for scholarships and trying to qualify myself with every requirement guaranteed me a place in one of them. NOW I am enraptured to announce that I have been privileged with the opportunity to travel to England starting a course-in-clearing, full-time physics.
I have applied for 5 Universities through and got accepted in three of them with two unconditional and one conditional offer. I have chosen to study at Sheffield Hallam University then directly applied for the Transform Together scholarship which allows me to have a 50% discount on my tuitions fees each year, and I was honoured to be one of the winners for this year. With this being said, there are several costs associated with living and studying there. I am managing to work during my stay, but there are still the costs of my first year needed to be accounted for in order for me to pursue this opportunity while I am working for the next year. My course will begin in September. Below, you will find specifics in regards to the details of costs. Whether you are able to assist or not, I am very appreciative of your continual love and support!

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