For the first time: Airing Egypt’s Football match in AAST Alexandria Campuses

Writer: Nour Ossama

Yesterday AAST Alexandria Miami campus and Abu Qeer campus cheered all students by airing Egypt Vs Congo match on big screens. Credit goes to the collaboration of the student unions College of Language and Communication (CLC) with College of Management and Technology(CMT) that made the day come alive after getting the approval from Dr. Ismail Abdel ghafar who was thrilled when he heard about the idea of airing the match and confirmed it in both campuses.

AAST students from around Alexandria celebrated Egypt’s national team victory over Congo in their campus with their friends and the student unions made sure all possible services were facilitated for them to feel cozy and safe in both campuses.

College of International Transport and Logistics, College of Fisheries Technology and Aquaculture, College of Maritime Transport and Technology, College of Computing and Information Technology and Maritime Hotel Center organized the day along side with CLC & CMT. The day couldn’t be successful without the support from Dr.Hossam Shawky, Dr.Ashraf Labib and Dr.Abeer Refky.