The AASTMT welcomes the summer trainees of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States 2017.

Writer: Nour Ossama

On Wednesday 16th of August the AAST Alexandria Abu Qeer Campus welcomed the trainees of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States 2017. With the company of Ambassador Adnan Eissa Al-Khudair Assistant Secretary-General, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Sector and delegation from the Arab League who organized the camp for the trainees. A part of the summer training 2017 is camping 3 nights in Alexandria Abu Qeer AAST Campus where many activities took place.

The first day started with a visit to the academy’s planetarium in which a promo video of the AASTMT was projected and illusion visual short movie and the tour proceeded introducing some of the Academy’s educational equipment. Then after a short break there was a fun activity organized by Hands where it embraced creativity, time management, and competition. At night there was a musical Performance where some of the AAST students participated in and afterwards there was an honoring announcement from Ambassador Adnan to all organizers from the Arab league who worked hard to achieve fruitful outcome.

The second day Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar welcomed Ambassador Adnan Eissa Al-Khudair and the trainees in the presidential hall. In his words Dr. Ismail praised the Summer training program saying “the training helps in self-building and it shows our sons how effective team working is, I thank Ambassador Adnan and the Training administration for adopting the Summer training program. I want to tell the young adults that I’m happy with Farah Kadah’s word it’s always clear that the free spokesman’s elections come with a positive outcome and this incident reflects the real image that when all the Arab work together, they come with rewarding results.”

The trainees then visited Alexandria Bibliotheca and got introduced to its features, history and belongings afterwards they head back to the Academy for lunch break to further attend the lecture by Mustafa Marzooq on Body Language. Lately, there was a play made by some trainees that speak up for women and a football match between summer trainees 2016 Versus Summer trainees 2017.

The last day the trainees visited Citadel of Qaitbay and took a tour there moreover, the Alexandria Aquarium museum which is located next to the Citadel. At their last night, the trainees went to Alexandria City Center Mall for dinner and a walk.

The camp was a great opportunity for the LAS trainees to connect with each other and embrace their good qualities.