Replacing The Kersh With Formet Elsa7el (Ramadan Edition)

Writer: Noha Nabil

Your exams probably started during Ramadan and you didn’t have enough time to get your body ready for Sahel: been there, done that. It’s never too late!

Before Ifar: First, kick it off with some light cardio before Iftar, you don’t have to be dripping puddles, just move your muscles. Preferably not too early during the day if you get thirsty easily. Your light workout should not exceed 30-40 minutes and 3 to 4 times a week will do.

Now before you have that delicious Iftar, drink 8 to 16 ounces of water, your body has been dehydrated and will thank you later. Pro-tip you might also want to have some dates, pray and then go eat. This way you’ll notify your body that food is coming it’s way after 16hours of fasting. As for your Ifar, neglect any processed/frozen/fried food (yes that includes sambosak and atayef… sorry) and stick to whole foods + a good bowl of salad.

Post-Iftar: do not listen to your body when it sends signals to your brain saying “neraya7 sa3teen bas…” instead, go for a walk right after your meal. This way, you’ll digest food better. If you’re craving dessert, neglect that sexy looking konafa and go for a banana, an apple, or some watermelon.

Your post-Iftar walk should literally be just a walk, you don’t want to throw up. Wait for 1 hour after Iftar and then hit the gym and do your regular workout. Don’t put all your hard work to waste by eating something heavy after that, just have a small snack and drink a lot of water to trick your body into thinking it’s full.

Last but not least, make sure your Sohour includes salad as well as yogurt, it’ll help keep you hydrated all day. #HappyFasting.