The Arab Academy celebrates the 2nd Graduation ceremony of College Language and Communication Batch 2017.

Written By: Nour Ossama Aly

This year’s 2nd graduation ceremony that has the Academy organized took place at Alexandria Opera House “Sayed Darwish theatre” last Saturday and it was entitled for “A message of peace from the land of culture and the arts” in the presence of Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar president of AAST, Dr. Abeer Refky Dean of CLC, and numerous Egyptian Artists and several Consuls and Ambassadors.

CLC students presented their Graduation projects which shed light on major topics. Metanoia project about spiritual beliefs, Urban Nomads about Tourism and presenting Egypt the right way, Land of Gold about Nubians and their Beauty, Daze about Technological effects on the next Generation and When masks fall about the social construction of reality.

During the Ceremony Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Honored our guests, the famous artists, presenters and VIPs. Like, Actor Maged El Masry, Actor Mohamed Abdel Hafez, Presenter Doaa Farouq, Presenter Ahmed Salem, Presenter Ahmed Fayeq, The Author Ashraf El-Ashmawi and Author Ahmed Abdel Megeed. Afterwards Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Proceeded with the honoring of the faculty members of College Language and Communication.

Maged El-Masry congratulated the graduates saying “It is enough that the students presented an honorable image when illustrating Egypt in front of the world, which is important in the current period. ” and he added that what he witnessed from the graduation projects is close to being professional.

In his words to the graduates presenter Ahmed Salem said “I differ with my colleagues who say they are close to being professional because they already meet professional standards.” “I no longer worry about this generation after witnessing their projects’ ideas and how they highlighted critical issues” he added.

Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar president of AASTMT in his interview to one of the media students praised the day by saying “Today we witness the graduation of distinctive, impressive batch, they reflected the meaning of evolution and creativity, they were so great today. Their graduation projects’ ideas were displayed in an academic professional distinctive way”.Aliaa ali abdelnabynullnull