The 12th Hunger Games

Here are some things that we all suffer through, during "team work":


As college students, we have to go through the very painful process of dealing with projects assigned to us by our teachers. This happens to be a pain because then we have to deal with “team work”.

There are two types of people: those who work their butts off to finish their projects on time and those who laze about like the useless pile they are, taking advantage of others’ efforts.

Therefore, here are some things that we all suffer through, during “team work”:


  • The Friend Situation: There is the drama one has to go through if they would like to pick a group to work with, other than their group of friends. And that is exactly why we want to change our partners. Friends may become a nuisance after a while; they might take advantage of your friendship and find comfort in letting you handle it all because they know their grades are safe with you, since you worry enough for the whole group. Then they get all “puppy eyed” when you say you want to try working with different people (if you dare).

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  • I’m sorry, I only trust me: That occurs when you don’t have to do the whole project on your own, but you do just that anyway even though you have other people to depend on, supposedly. There is always that “what if” nagging on your head: what if they do it wrong? What if their grammar is poor? I’ll have to check it … but it’s like writing it all on my own anyway, so no point. What if they don’t print it on time or forget? That’s ok then , I’ll just come prepared with my own copy … just in case …


  • ME ME! My idea: We would all hate to admit this one, but here it is: “I want my idea to be the one we do,” right?! Then you convince yourself “otherwise I won’t be passionate about it”. Yeah right, whom are we kidding! One starts finding faults with other people’s ideas and becomes defensive when someone criticizes theirs. But then you think “I do most of the work on my on anyway so mine should be the one we do.”


  • Deadlines and tears: So here you are, the one who will put all the parts together, with the deadline you’ve all given yourselves over and half of your group doesn’t send you their parts. You’re just there thinking $@!? THEY CHOSE THE DEADLINE WHY DON’T THEY FLIPPIN STICK WITH IT, DAMMIT!!!!


  • Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong: Now you’re all done and about to hand it in the next day so naturally your friend has to call you and tell you they can’t print the stupid paper because their printer decided to go visit its girlfriend in Hawaii. So good ol’ you decide to print it for your grades’ sake … GUESS WHAT! The printer ran out of ink, guess there’s no printing it today. Well that’s okay! I’ll e-mail it to myself and print it tomorrow at school! You go to print it the next morning … oops, no internet, so you go through the whole process of trying to connect your 3G with the computer and succeed for once, and you finally hand it in, thank God!


  • Die now … JUST DIE: Finally, the last stage, the presentation … TA DAAA! Your group is up and the first one of your friends starts talking. You want to take out your pen and stab her/him repeatedly until God eventually decides to take them off your hands. They had only one thing to do, and they couldn’t do it. HOW HARD IS IT TO MEMORISE, IF NOT UNDERSTAND, YOUR 5 FLIPPIN LINES, “FRIEND”!!!


  • Goodbye world … You decide people are too stupid to deal with anymore and commit suicide.