Message from a fed up Architecture student

Warning: This article may contain a certain amount of hostility due to oppressed feelings.

Dear Engineering students,

It would be an honor, however we do not want nor are trying to be “Real Engineers”. Whatever that means. We are architecture students, we literally just want to be Architects.

As many of you have been so helpful to point out, yes, in European and American Universities architecture is considered a Bachelor of Arts not Science and it’s either 3 or 4 years, depending on the university. But do you know why? No. You don’t.

In Egypt, it’s called ‘Architectural Engineering’ for a reason. Along with our architecture courses such as perspective drawing, design, building and many more, we are required to take and of course pass several core civil engineering courses. Structure system and soil are two examples.

I would like to make something very clear. I like what im studying, I don’t want to study mechatronics or communication, the fact that you think that my career choice is “better” or more “fun” than yours really has nothing to do with me and everything to do with your life choices.

Honestly, I respect every other major out there. Im also painfully aware that I lack the skills that would make me for example a good civil engineer.

On the other hand, we spend a huge chunk of our lives studying how to design and create spaces that would make your life easier. Starting from the general eye and psychological comfort than comes with a beautiful building to well matched colours to trying to make your homes more comfortable and your work places more relaxing.

Yes, we exert a whole lot of physical effort, first manually, then later on, on autocad to finish the enormous amount of workload, either the assignments or the complex projects that just seem endless.

Without an idea you won’t spend any effort. Many seem to skip this fact for some reason. An architect’s biggest challenge is to come up with a creative design idea that would suit the function of the building required along with all the features, starting with the entrance and expanding to even the location of the windows.

Once you finish this part of the challenge the rest is yes, physical effort but neither as stressful nor exerting as the former.

My last word is that im not defending my major nor myself, I’m not required to justify my dream to become an Architect. I love what I study even though it feels like it’s literally crushing me sometimes. For once and all though, I wanted to fill in all the blanks and avoid the ‘assumptions’ that many make. To also justify myself when I ignore anyone who decides to debate this topic in the future.

We do have something in common with the rest of the engineering students, our doctors love to crush our souls and destroy our hopes and happiness. So we literally do not need your judgement on top of everything else.

We’re well aware that many mean this as a joke but please, do not be hurtful.

In the end, we’re all just trying to survive university.

Sincerely, a fed up Architecture student.